Robbie Burns II

Written by: harry horsman


Oh affluent lady looking so fine,
hurrying scurrying for thy taste of wine,
but one can see beneath the paint,
the scars that behold you of late.

Consumption foremost is on your mind,
just to taste the fruit of the vine,
your eyes show testament of your worry,
this only giving fuel to your hurry.

With shaking hand your flagon to fill,
every drop of value when paying the bill,
an embarrassing glance though not a care,
your pains deep down I feel and share.

A hasty retreat your meal well hidden,
forbearance in mind will be forbidden,
a quick shot is needed just to please,
your unsociable craving to be eased.

The Jag’s outside all bright and gleaming,
her fight with the keys the body screaming,
she just wants out and away,
so she can measure the rest of the day.

 © Harry J Horsman 
Reposted original missing