One life

Written by: Corey Ross

I'm open for you, emotionally 
chained I'm a slave for you. Love is 
an action word so be patient and 
just watch What I do, I'm all in No 
poker face we're bound by grace 
but I know in my heart this is our 
last first date. You can't escape or 
run away from how you feel, and 
I'm done running away from you, 
for better or worse even when love 
hurts he took nine inch nails for me 
so for you you I'll return the favor 
but until then I savour this moment, 
put you on display like show and tell 
I just wanna tell the world this is the 
woman I been waiting for, my wife, 
my rib, yes the one God told me he 
had for me this is her. I'm seeing 
20/20 and you're the one I'll throw 
away this night life for, for that 
Christ like life we'll share together I 
need you more and more. One wife 
one husband two kids one life, 
threw prayer I sought God for you 
and I'm proud to have such an 
amazing woman to share this world 
with unashamed in Christ.