Written by: Shelton Brown

Love is patient. 
Love is kind. 
The perfect way, 
To destroy your mind. 

At first it's bright and warm, 
like a million fireflies, 
I lay now in the embers, 
Everyone of them died. 

I've never felt this way, 
never thought I'd sing. 
Not after that day you threw my grandma's ring. 
You really did give that thing quite a sling. 

But I freed my soul, 
Set fire to our love, 
I ended it quick, 
I shot the dove. 

I really must go, 
It's been quite the trip. 
I need thirteen stitches, 
You busted my forehead and lip. 

As soon as these come off me, 
Doc cuts that last stitch, 
The last you'll ever see of me, 
A middle finger, mouthing the word b-----.