Fruity-Type Gadgets

Written by: Jack Ellison

Newspapers and TV are on the way out As a source for the latest news Fruity-type gadgets have taken over We've lost the ability to choose These gadgets are called Gooseberrys No wait, that sounds a bit obtuse Now I remember, they're Blackberrys Sounds like something farmers produce Can't keep up with the latest vernacular Why not call 'em phones, whatcha think? Or handheld communication devices You're driving us seniors to drink Remember back in the good old days People talked face to face with each other Usually spoke in total complete sentences Knew the names of your sister and brother This old world has become so complicated Once was fun to carry on a conversation We'd discuss all the latest gossip in town Without technological aggravation Now we talk with folks worlds away As if they live just down the block Sure miss that face to face communication With Blackberrys, our jaws are locked © Jack Ellison 2012