Mucky Mucks

Written by: Jack Ellison

Wish I was one of those mucky mucks Like the ones that are running the show Could do as well as those guys up there Though I'm simply a 'run of the mill' Joe With power comes a lot of temptation Like the deals they make under the table They say that absolute power corrupts That's not one of your Aesop's fables Things can change when you reach the top When greed rears its ugly head It clouds a person's perspective on life Most important, the greenback instead Mucky mucks have big scads of cash And reside in expensive abodes Are they really happy, really content Any more than us 'run of the mill' Joe's Some may say yes and some may say no They're just people like you and me Souls who've wandered off course in life They've forgotten the importance of 'we' Wish I was one of those mucky mucks Naw, on second thought maybe not Much rather be happy than stinking wealthy Content with what I've saved in a sock © Jack Ellison 2012