The Jigsaw of Life

Written by: Raymond Westley

Life is like a giant jigsaw
It starts from left to right.
Your mind is just a database
Working overtime at night.

You fit the pieces, a bit at a time.
And they just don’t fit at random.
Procrastination is the thief of time,
You must not stop so don’t abandon.

In order to fill that empty page
You have to get it right.
You think ahead, you have to gauge,
Too many pieces will make it tight.

When we wake to a great new day,
Feeling fresh and ready to go.
Try turning the board the other way,
A fresh approach may let you know.

A pattern unfolds and we see a picture
Have our plans gone awry?
Now, will it affect our distant future?
And if it does, only we know why.