my balls and my words at play

Written by: lee dobson

Thoughts are electric that's 4 times gravity... talk about defying the laws! 
How mad is we, right now!? Bet ya not as mad as me, i bet i seem mad as! crazy right!!.. 
How can i continue without being absurd? All i can give you is my word. 
I'll keep it simple, i ain't looking for a single or a signing bonus. 
To minapulate the masses can't ya see they own us. 
I got my cahonas, i stand alone. 
less afraid. Don't have a home and if i worked it'd be underpaid.. 
Call a spade a spade, it is what it is. I'll underlay and roll out the carpet. 
Soften the blow when its come to the market. 
I'm talkin stock if ya connect the dots, i'll show ya the elephant who never forgot. 
Its all about capital, ya believe its capital! how much do ya know, about ya own little capital? 
Its only the financial epicenter. Rome controls the religous sector and washington is the state acting protector. 
Policing the world, killing boys and girls. Innocent i might add, wanna hurl? 
Makes me sick, i ain't american.. 
I ain't that thick! That's stereotyping and not very slick. 
I ain't that ignorant prick. So get over yaself and over it? 
We hypnotised by the media, witnessed the lies and hysteria. 
Thinking me inferior but i strike the fear in yer. 
Remind ya of things you were made to forget. 
Ya blind when they sings sounds shady and yet. 
Who am i? I'm runnin outta breath