Written by: Sumit Majumdar

Flames from numerous lamps flicker, refusing to die
Like shimmering flakes of gold adorning the night sky
Burn on, shine bright – shed some cheer in my tired life
Illumine with your light, let peace reign in place of strife
Let joy return to eyes which have often cried
Cleanse the grime and the tears which have dried
Enrich the lives of those deprived
Bring love to those denied

After dusk, when darkness descends
Envelopes the earth and light it fends
Shaking loose her long and dark tresses
In a moonless night is worshipped Kali, the goddess
Awesome in form and terrifying to the uninitiated
For, with blood is this four-armed deity sated
Blood of evil doers and demons
Naked save a necklace and a girdle of bones
A penitent tongue protruding out of her red stained lips
Frozen in mid-stride, while blood from her mouth drips
In this form she is known to us
Worshipped alike by the pious and scalawags

She was a creation of years of yearning
By the righteous and pious to rid the world of suffering
At the hands of demons and devils sowing evil seeds
Causing untold misery by their never ending misdeeds
She arrived eventually and with a vengeance
Destroyed and killed with a view to cleanse
Retribution she dealt, and struck fear in the heart
Wiping out evil doers from the face of the earth
Driven to frenzy and covered in gore
The heavens too trembled, knowing she was capable of more
The gods were shaken and help they sought
From Shiva, the blue necked god, her divine consort
On earth, Shiva laid supine, waiting on her path
And she stepped on him unknowingly – thus the penitent tongue
and the end of the blood bath