Thank you poem dedicated to Susan

Written by: Seren Roberts

She was there for me when i needed her
Quietly moving into my home
Went into  hospital as an emergency
Leaving my dog alone.

She had the  builders to contend with
Meaning bucketfuls of tea to make
Jiggling times of her own work
Thank you's she wouldnt take

Saying thats  what friends are for,
You would do it for me.
Susan stayed for 4 months
A big show of friendship, you must agree.

How do I say Thank You
To someone who has a big heart
Who just took over my home
How on earth do I start.

The usual  flowers and chocolates
Though nice, wouldn't cause a stir
Then I thought I will write a poem
Dedicated to her

So here we are Susan
This poem is for you
Thank  you for being there for me
Tilly says "Thank you" too.