For Mom

Written by: AlliƩ-Marie Smith

You held me when I was down
You lifted my spirits higher than the stars
I might have not deserved it, but you thought I did

You gave me everything when I felt like nothing was mine
You gave me the stars, the moon, 
and your love: something I can't get back now.

You comforted me beyond what words can explain,
When I felt sorrowful or maddened;
Delighted or frustrated.
With your lilting voice, you made me happy;
You gave me the small things in life that made a difference.

You gave me your compassion,
With words of wisdom between each sweet and sugary drop.
The words would roll off your tongue like birds taking flight,
So swift and eager to take to the skies.

Now, you aren't here.
And I'm alone, with no one to comfort me.
Not a one.

I wish I had spent more time with you,
And helped you through your problems rather than help myself with me.
I feel a sense of remorse for not being there for you.
For being as selfish as I was, I am so sorry mom.

Now, I wish you were here to comfort me.
I long to hear the beauty in the things you saw, 
To be mesmerized by your lovely voice.
To be whisked away into your happiness,
To feel your compassion, burning like an ember within.

But, I shall wait patiently to be with you once again.
To be with you for eternity..

I miss you.