The Shining

Written by: danielle lewis

Your an undeniable energy 
beaming, nurturing my mental,  
Shining his alluring nature on me. A 
billion times brighter than the sun, 
his wisdom a blessing, yes ... better 
then silver or gold. He levitates me 
without hand's,  just promise you'll 
never let go! Treasure at the end of 
a rainbow u are,  half of I ... Gemini. 
Our minds collaboration is more 
wet then rain falling from the sky.  
More euphoric then any high, our 
bond whatever we desire to create 
whether dancing on blazing sun or 
resting on crescent moon... together 
incredibly molded from God in the 
blesseth month of June! I bathe in 
ur light... resurrection in the form of 
heaven to ur kiss, longing for just 
1... grateful for our unification. 
Supreme god body u... your a gift 
and thoughts of u endless!! WILL -I-
AM__ (S)hining!!! FALLING……… And 
just like our sign I can never be in 
just one place or be just one thing,  
multi dreaming of belonging to a 
multitude of u, mind,  body & soul. I 
Take II have & to hold forevermore!  
King ... keep shining ur light on me! 
And in return I'll promise to be all 
the things u need to keep a man like 
u complete ... will u let me?