Here In The Silence

Written by: Annalise Brigham

My soul thirsts, O Lord
Where are you hiding?
Why can’t I find you?
I call your name
And silence reverberates

My tears flow like lava
Where are you? Lord?
Strength seems to fail
Even the wind is still 
While the deep silence lingers

Yet, my hope lies in your promise…
Never to abandon me 
So, I will wait in this silence
‘Til your voice I hear once more
Within this fragrant garden of solitude

At last, it is you!  Only you will
Call to me, ‘Peace, be still; 
‘For in the silence I’m with you, always…’
Now my soul rejoices in your presene  
Overcome by unparellel beauty and peace
I recline at your feet, my Father…
I rest.


Note:  Inspired by “Adagio in G Minor” 
By The London Promenade Orchestra. Listen to it
And you’ll find it’s one of the most beautiful pieces
Of music, ever…if you’re like me.. you’ll cry.  I couldn’t find
Their rendition on YouTube but this is almost as good
Maybe better in some ways…it’s lengthier.  
Enjoy :  )