Agro Phobia

Written by: Owen Yeates

I live in a bubble
I see toil and trouble
The workmen on the street
Our policeman on his beat

The bubble is my house
I live there with my spouse
Its agro phobia you see
It keeps me inside with thee

I will help you to go outside
Eventually for a bus ride
Please won’t you put your trust in me?
Together we will make it don’t you see

We will take small steps at the start
From your side I will not part
Hold your hand along the way
Till you can go out every day

I will put my trust in you
Look up at the sky of blue
With the help of you and god
From my bubble I will plod

Then let us now begin
For this battle we will win
Our love will keep us strong
For as little or as long

As it may take to see this through
To end when then with you
I will walk in open air
Knowing you don’t have a care

Agro phobia be gone
Bubble shatter keep no one
Outside away from me
Finally I will be set free

To be by workmen in the street
Talk to the policeman on his beat
Outside with my spouse
No longer in my bubble house

Whilst in bed the other night my wife had a dream in which she was pestered to write poetry, she was told she had to write like her husband or else, this is a collaboration with her as when she got up she had the first two verses, and i added the rest, she has never had inclination to write poetry and she hopes the dream will never come to her again, hope you all enjoy.