His Dear Lady Oh So Fair

Written by: anne p. murray

What soft words spoken lured him to her waiting breast? 
Thru wooded den and forest glade
 What sounds did he bequeath upon her eager ear? 
His soft, loving whispered words of joy 
Which brought her hand and heart to rest 
In such sweet slumber she was blessed?
Meeting in wooded valley of lovely Paradise 
The music of two united souls- dearer itself than life 
She would tremble at his feet, so immersed in love so sweet 
When eyes did meet, twas' love at first sight
Their love so exquisite, so precious to youthful hearts 
With kindly eyes they both did speak 
Worthy of one another, were their hearts- their souls 
 Ah, but one must treasure such a gift, such beauty 
Albeit neither had loved with love so innocent, so full
Cherishing one another in grace and beauty rare 
Lingering forever in the enchantment of true love 
Treasured love between a goodly youth -and his dear lady oh so fair