Whats Your Fear

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The fear of my heart stopping, when I first say hello.
But worse would be if yours stopped, what a way to go
The fear of not seeing you after all of this long time
That fear is the greatest, that would surely be a crime

The fear of you not liking me, I’m a disillusionment
A fear of you finding, I was not from heaven sent.
A fear of something happening to stop me meeting you
A fear of all these things, what would I now do?

The biggest fear of all would be liking you too much
What would I do then, if sparks flew when our hands touch.
The fears they are just growing to proportions that are phobic
Perhaps I should concentrate on certain things more aerobic.

Deep breaths in to calm the heart, reduce the blood pressure too
And rubber gloves to catch the sparks, if I ever do meet you.
They say face your fears to cure them, that’s what I intend to do
Looking forward to that day whenever I meet you...
© ~GG~2?11/2102