Written by: Chula Fleming

Amazing how the sadness mends
It's fibers weave a web of gold,
Sparkling gold in eyes so brown,
Pools so deep that I could drown.
Amazing how the morning comes,
Regardless of the depth of night.
All demons now sadly fade,
Release their hold and creep away.
Forgiveness knocks, an embrace away,
But buried sorrow won't be swayed.
Amazing how it never ends,
How slowly sorrow takes to mend.
But, the Master's knowing, His warm, gentle heart,
And His guiding glance, that sets apart
That shares a secret, silent smile
And accepts with grace the wayward child
To lead him safely homeward once again,
Forget the past, erase the sin.
The Master's knowing reaches the heart within,
And lifts high the remants of the soul
Who now has nowhere else to go.