Reminiscence - Corners

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

Used to be
Places to cross, 
To turn
To meet and greet a friend
And chat in friendly conversations.
For Bee Bop Singing and
For small neighborhood grocery stores
And where some intersected and movie stars
Are discovered.
For lamp post that children watched with care
To be home before the lamp post lamp came on
And where Frank Sinatra leaned and sang
'In The Wee Small Hours.'
Where strange street names were posted, 
In large pring, to prevent anyone from getting
Too lost.
Now corners are gathering places for
Forlorn lost men, 
Young and old, 
To boast of yesterday
And lie about tomorrow.
Places to escape from the mad rush, 
Where you can get to nowhere fast, 
Under an unfriendly 'Do No Loiter Sign.'