Holy Spirit Please Touch Me

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Holy Spirit…  Please come and touch me!
I ask that you come and refresh me!

Holy Spirit…  Please give me direction!
May your words of wisdom
give me correction!

Holy Spirit…  Please come and breathe on me!
Open my blind eyes, so that I might see!

Holy Spirit…  How I long for your touch!
I need you in my life so very much!

Holy Spirit…  May you be my spiritual source!
And keep me from the wicked
and evil force!

Holy Spirit…  In my life, may you daily shine!
I need you with me,
all of the time!

Holy Spirit…  Please touch whoever reads this!
That they will know,
you are always with us!

May this same Holy Spirit
come and surround you!
For it wasn’t I…
But him that found you!

By Jim Pemberton