Mona-Lisa Frowns

Written by: femi joey oloidi

Mona-Lisa Frowns

No darkness, drabness or sadness; could ever 
depress or compress Mona Lisa's rainbow smile. 
Because, Mona Lisa has the most expensive smile 
on planet earth and planet smile.

But now, 
when Mona Lisa is been tickled from teeth to toe, 
her smile; gladly frowns, because of the bitter 
catastrophe the world is frowning and groaning 

All though, she is protected in the most secured 
museum, to hide her away from being kidnapped 
by Sandy hurricane, or  get consumed by the 
worlds tribulations.

And she is also been auctioned for over  a hundred 
million dollars; just to make sure; that the rainbow 
smile remains on her Florence face, but her smile; 
still frowns.
Because she is constantly waiting for the day, the 
earth shall sue the heaven's to court; for striking 
down the unwanted fallen angel to earth, and 
causing unfriendly hurricanes and numerous 
deserters, to sip away her loved ones, that sweat; 
just to appreciate her mistic smile.

They polish so hard; to hide Mona Lisa; behind a 
fat smile, so as to put her fat frown to sleep.
But her frown still tip-toes on relay; whispering 
through the colours of her original breathing 
Which sails in an emotion of muse; and dances 
around inspiration, love, hurt, power, temper, 
creativity, wealth, betrayal, lessons, and wisdom.

And even at midnight, when sight and light starts 
to shrink; this inks up her memories and mocks the 
regalia of her smile, with transcending frowning 


I wrote this poem, because; right from when I was 
a child, I kept looking at the painting, Mona Lisa 
smile, and all people talk about is her smile, and 
they forget to talk about the other side of her life. 
eg like: was she a happy person? How was her 
love life? Was she a friendly lady? Did she like kids, 
like a true mother should? Was she a good 
student? Did she like sex? Lol. Did she drink, 
smoke,weed, or do drugs, etc. So all this made me 
to come up with this poem; 'Mona Lisa Frowns'. 
Just to paint my own poetic picture of her. Enjoy.