Written by: Foluso Fapohunda

                                                                                             Written date 02/11/2012

Run with me to the coast line
Lay down on the beach sand
Pull me slowly with your soft hand
With your tenderness under the purple sky

Purr out sound to my gentle touch
Like the dove in their morning speech
Fly your mouth around my lips on the beach
Just like the butterfly and the flower petals

Take me round the garden of your chest
Let me live in between the cluster of your torso
With an imaginary milk in my mouth passing gene
In a garden full of roses in the shape of your heart

Lay close to me for my body balance in the cold of winter
Sit me on the bend palm tree under the yellow sun of summer 
Walk with me on the path of dry gold leaves of the trees of autumn
Be my evergreen sweet love in the spring boom when my body is calling 

Among the bird of the air I am flying
Flying to your heart for my sweet resting
Resting in an endless peace to loving you more
In the romance that I name after a sweet love