From lust to dust


Life goes on and on
My life without me in it
Something seems so terribly wrong
My face blank, as I quietly sit
Time stands still, as the days grow old...

The sun of this morning
I can’t get to heed
The shining rays, burning my eyes
The dogs running and playing
In the dewy grass
What I need is another glass...

Oh love your sting, kills me slow
Like cigar smoke, entering my soul
The pen she lies, on paper divulged
My soul being crushed, by beautiful lust...

I must give up, what has became a need
A desire that burns deep in me
This unholy union is haunting me
Entering my dreams, waking in screams...

The excitement of your touch
To feel that first taste of lust
Reliving my youth, is bringing me to dust
Life lived being half done
I’ll leave the living , to the young...

I understand now, what most know does not exist
The only way to recapture our youth
Is to try to live it, again and again
Time to give you up my friend, my lust will be my end...

Oh I envy the young lovers outside
Their warmth and tenderness in flight
But love will be the end of them
Little do they know love bites...

All the love turns away from you
When the lonely walls are your friends
Dreaming of lust, only desire sets in
Love it when you have it, hate it when its gone...

I must quit you, and quit you now
Your youth enchanted me
But will be my ultimate end
Trying myself to be young again, so desperately...

To possess another, one you cannot have
An unattainable relationship
With rules neither happy or sad
You were the icing on my cake
A cake of discontent, filled with holes
Growing old, stale cake with mold...

copyright 11-01-12