The Turn

Written by: Carl Fraser

Staggered aimlessly into some empty church,
One rainy Wednesday afternoon;
As I hung my head at the alter,
I asked God to please end this misery soon.
I heard my words echo off the sanctuary walls,
As if this place was abandoned long ago;
But I waited patiently for an answer,
To reach me here below.
It seemed I had waited a lifetime,
But only a few hours really passed by;
And I was still alone without an answer,
So I just hung my head and cried.
I felt the tears roll off my cheek,
Forming a puddle around my shoes;
Maybe I really didn’t deserve to be here,
But I had nothing left to lose.
  Carl A Fraser
Just then a single silvery moonbeam,
Trickled through the stained glass up above;
And as it radiated all around me,
He spoke to me of his love.
He said he felt my pain and misery,
And wept for me every day;
He said he knew this day would come at last,
when I would seek a better way.
So I laid the gun down beside me,
And surrendered all my past;
It’s the only thing I’ve ever done,
That will forever last…