She is my bff

Written by: kasim ishmael

All the birds in the sky
They came out to sing
And I knew a beautiful
Day has just begin

And the sun shines through
the window in the room
its a beautiful morning
with the flowers in bloom

When she awakes today
She smiles to the world
And the beauty of nature
will Start to unfold

And she is my bff
And how I love her so
And everyday I just 
Want to let her know

All the stars in the sky
And the flowers in the world 
They both agree that
She is the most beautiful girl

They like to be around her
In the presents of her beauty
She’s so wonderful
Just a joy to see

She has sparkles in her eyes
And magic at her finger tips
Face lights the rainbows
with cotton candy lips

And she is so beautiful
From her head to her toes
Every time I talk to her
She makes my heart glows

And her personally
Are like an angel in the world
She helps the unfortunate
she has a heart of gold

She’s so kind to all
Especially to me
Cause she is my bff
And I love her endlessly

She’s my bff
I just want her to know
I  really adore her 
And she is my hero