Standing At A Crossroads

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                                             Standing at the crossroads before,
                                             My life is in misery to the very core,
                                          Not knowing what kind of path I choose,
                                            To make the changes I like the most.

                                             Undecided where my life leads me,
                                        I just go on walking to the unknown way,
                                       Obstacles may happen as I move forward,
                                     But I overcome all because I am not a coward.

                                           Many times I felt the pain in my heart,
                                            As I did my goals from the very start,
                                            But miracles happens if you believed,
                                          Pains and disappointments finally healed.

                                           I prayed hard to our Almighty Creator,
                                          To give me strength to do in His honor,
                                   So that whatever cross may put on my shoulders,
                                 I did it successfully and share my blessings to others.

                                                           Maria Paz Samelo
                                                           November 1, 2012
                                                           2nd Place Winner
                                     For Gail's "Standing At A Crossroads" contest
                                                          1st Place Winner
                                            For Dr. Ram's "Best 2012 Poem" Contest