He Never Shook My Hand- Part 1

Written by: Sharon Smith

I first noticed my newly acquired gift,
When paying for another drink,
My hand met the barman’s,
And in my mind’s eye:

Shadows, Shadows and non descript light, Cold cobbles against my cheek, Pain, Searing pain across my chest, And shallow breath so weak, Blood, Blood upon my cold fingers, And across the ground a streak. Smile, Smile upon the barman’s face, Finding joy in the alley bleak.
I pulled my hand back coins and all, And tried to recollect my thoughts, Both afraid and confused, At the nightmare I had seen. The barman’s face was quite surprised, No sign of the smile I’d seen, And I convinced myself, My mind was playing games. Perhaps my school chum’s story, Still fresh in my thoughts, Had gotten to me, More than I had realised. But still I left the coins on the bar, Rather than risk another touch, Another bolt of pain, Another glimpse of Shadows.