Childhood Memories

Written by: charmane bellen

It's a beautiful night
the sky's clear, the clouds giving way
the moon in full, casting its light
brightness all over, darkness gone away.

Like fireflies having fiesta on a treetop
Family celebrating dancing around the fire.
Baby having nap in her mother's lap
peacefully unbothered little sire.

It's a perfect night
to play hide and seek, 
the owl's on guard in site
to watch every step that stake.

Like best friends gathering, having little chats
siblings together sharing little dreams,
revealing secrets teasing each other's guts
singing, humming their joyous screams.

It's a special night 
cuddling in your mother's lap
sways by your father's arms at night
playing with your siblings having laughs.

A beautiful affair
Perfect night to leisure
A special family fare
Moments of life to treasure.