Faithful Believer

Written by: Eugene Harvey

The delight of a heart fully alive
crowned with glory elegantly worn,
by our Eternal Father above
Shall arise in glory eternally re-born,

His highly treasured child of light
true righteous daughter of the divine,
by the Potter’s hand uniquely made
Shall forever and ever brightly shine,

Elect of God, a pearl of great price
of faith’s never-ending grace profound,
the heart’s promised heavenly dream
Shall evermore in wisdom abound,

Royal progeny of rich heritage born
a kindhearted soul with a heart of gold,
of godly character and wisdom known
Shall God’s Word in power extol,

Exalted citizen of God’s kingdom
a faithful believer born from above,
of a humble, peaceful spirit renown
Shall forever emanate God’s love,

Spirit-born woman of joyful service
whose words and good works inspire,
the rarest of gifts, sincere, joyful giving,
Shall teach mankind to aspire higher,

Servant of God, predestined by
the Almighty Creator eons before,
called for his special service and use
Shall in the Lord reign forevermore,

Anointed light of hope, made ready
before the foundation of the world,
a wonderful tribute of faithful living
Shall be an eternal blessing to behold. 

© All Rights Reserved
© Eugene Harvey