Written by: Susan Burd

This morning I jumped out of bed
Then fell backwards and bumped my head.
I slammed my finger in the door.
The carpet tripped me on the floor.
I bit my lip while chewing eggs,
Spilled sticky OJ on my legs
Which splashed up into my right eye
And really made me want to cry.
Pulled sticky knots out of my hair
Then bruised my left shin on the stair.
When picking roses; got a thorn
Which left my jacket pocket torn.
Oww!  Stubbed my big toe on the street.
That hot macadam burned my feet.
Sat on a hill of hungry ants-
Oops!  Dirtied up my brand new pants.
Whew!  Swung from branches of the trees-
Put fresh grass stains on both my knees.
Got two brush burns from the rope swing,
Need calamine for my bee sting.
Slipped down into the muddy creek;
I knew my clothes were gonna reek!
Had messy, furry cattail fights-
Got five itchy mosquito bites.
Hip-hopped around the sidewalk cracks
And squished three nickels on train tracks.
Cart wheeled real slow back to my house-
Then tried to sneak in like a mouse.
Mom sat me down and wiped my head
And with a fretful look she said,
“Susie, what did you do today?”
“Mom, I’m a kid!  What can I say?”

By Susan Burd © 2011