A House Divided A Nation Divided

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Jesus said that a house divided cannot stand.
We see this happening throughout this land!

Our government seems to not get along.
As they seem to fight over right vs. wrong.

Our courts seem to add to much confusion.
As they often misinterpret the constitution.

Often, the political parties attempt to “fight it out.”
“Blaming each other,” seems to be what they’re about!

We hear of many families with broken hearts… 
Any kind of commitment seems to be “falling apart.”

Without God as a foundation, we’re a “sinking ship.”
We’re doomed!  It’s like taking a “one way trip.”

A trip to disaster! By a wicked and evil force!
That further drives this nation way off course!

What shall this country do?
 If it’s foundations are destroyed?
The freedoms we have… Will no longer be enjoyed!

The answer is in Jesus Christ!  And him alone!
We need his to “rebuild” our government and homes!

We need to come together and seek God above!
And ask him to heal our nation with his mercy and love!

If we come to him and confess our many sins!
This is where the “rebuilding” of our nation begins!

We must focus on the power and message of the cross!
Without God in our lives…  We’re forever lost!

By Jim Pemberton   11/01/12