Written by: nette onclaud

He drifts among fireflies and splits the rain
A haze walking through Great Wall’s domain,
Twists of Copperfield’s runes whirls a relay
Under kliegs of stars, mind’s eye becomes prey.

Sweet alchemy washes real world’s strains
Where human life transcends the bleak of pain,
On enchanted tours, he eludes flames’ slay
Stuffing dreams with awe like quick pirouettes 
He drifts among fireflies.

Like our David whose challenges reclaim
True firmness blazing amidst night’s restraints,
His magic of hope strengthens with love’s gains
Miracles nourish through divine stream’s ray
With spirit lit by heaven’s grace, time obeys
He drifts among fireflies.

Dear David, may you continue to believe in the magic
 of fulfilled wishes and endless love


*David Copperfield—renowned illusionist and magician

Cyndi MacMillan’s Contest: Davids for David
By nette onclaud