A Whimsical Notion

Written by: Carl Fraser

Twas a magical fleeting moment,
in which I withheld much breath,
In awe I beheld and stood frozen
as her smile drifted with grace my way. 
Eyes hath not seen nor any heart blessed
by such beauty in poetic motion,
A novel notion.
To dream of love captured and carried away
And I rue the day,
when this vision fails me and steals my joy.
Ah, but for now I shall breathe it all inward ,
to my very core,
to where my heart has waxed sore,
over past loves thrown to the winds.
Oh, let them howl and wail,
as they scream the names of those lost in the gale.
I have felt with all my soul their pain,
their sorrow,
Perhaps tomorrow they shall be as blessed as I,
this fortunate magical day,
when comes their way,
the drifting smile of beauty in poetic motion.
Ah, what a notion.