upon drowning

Written by: Carl Fraser

Pulling downward, ever faster,
Like a screw spiraling through soft wood;
I gasp, I reach for invisible hands,
that would grab me if they could.

An angry grasp upon my soul,
has denied me rights to my last breath;
And as the surface fades into a steady black,
I now surrender unto death.

Enveloped now in a new warm light,
such as light these eyes have never seen;
I'm drawn out of this dying shell,
into new realms I've never been.

There are beings here almost like me,
but somehow seem much more aware;
They show me images of my life,
and tell me i still have more to share.

I'm now transported back into my shell,
with new air thrust inside of me;
I awake alone on a darkened beach,
with the shoreline lapping at my feet.

I stagger upright and look for help,
but help I don't really need;
For the help was given in this second chance,
now it's up to me to succeed.