There Was A Country

Written by: Joshua munyaradzi mimana

When across the land, water 
And on top of the hut, the cock 

When under the moon, dreams 
were hope
And in pursuit of good, they 
never stop....,
There, was a country

When cries heard, were of 
sucking babies
And the speech of our lords 
were glad tidings

When man of cloth, search of 
God wisdom
And those we crowned, toiled 
to feed our kingdom....,
There, was a country

When plough shares, worked 
the ground
And in sweat, fists were never 

When the land to the nation 
brought forth grain
And the fists of fathers, never 
caused pain....,
There, was a country

When drums were of dance and 
praise of gods
And voices of mothers were 
sounds that soothe our souls

When in dark night, the land 
was with light
And in day, evil was never hid 
from nature's bright....,
There, was a country

When the wind blew our flag  
high with pride
And the death of our heroes 
would bring grief countrywide

When those of the east and 
west would long to meet our 
And our neighbors, would feed 
from our pastures green....,
There, was a country

But here is what we see
Poverty laden streets with 
incurable diseases
Here is how we feel
Sad and angry against them 
that suck on our sweat
Here is what we are
Poor and miserable fighting the 
brother we call family
Here is who they are
Eating the finest, clad in 
vestures of honor and beauty
Here is our nation
A people betrayed and sold into 
slavery of democracy.........,