Cry My Beloved Country

Written by: Joshua munyaradzi mimana

Cry my beloved country...
See mothers sorrowed with 
Weeping the son slaved to exist 
While masters sit crowned on a 
scarlet coloured beast
Conquering and to conquer with 
    See the land we plough dry 
and barren 
Giving birth to thorns and 
thistles of injustice and conned 
Silencing freedom of speech 
Denying children to eat of their 
father's struggles bread 
While masters drink of our 
sweat milk and honey
    See our streams in 
turbulence flow tears of 
Cried in silence of heart 
betrayed by the ballot, 
Made captive by the hand that 
promised to feed
Peace in freedom of unity
    See our dreams in the 
thickest of darkness 
Haunted by nightmares of 
Failing young hearts 
Wandering empty streets 
barefooted and blistered 
Fighting handicapped to exist 
    See tomorrow of a 
generation I beget, 
Poverty laden streets rotten of 
incurable diseases, 
Bullets and bombs sounding the 
master's pride 
Sucking innocent blood 
strength of their existence 
Till all that's left is tears we cry.