Jesus My Precious Lord

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Jesus…. My precious Lord that I hold so dear! Your words of love… I hold close and near! Jesus… My wonderful savior who is so sweet! You’ve touched my body! From my head to my feet! Jesus… My redeemer and love of my soul! You’ve restored me and made me whole! Jesus… My salvation and everlasting joy! Your principles of truth, I’ve sought to employ! Jesus… The resurrected Lord and God’s risen son! Over the battles of life, you help me to overcome! Jesus… Just the mention of your name! With you as Lord… My life will never be the same! Jesus… Your beauty and glory is matchless! All you’ve done for me is merciful and kindness! Jesus… My living water and my daily bread! You’re all I ever need! What more can be said??? By Jim Pemberton