Written by: Poet Destroyer A

(Misery's Ghost)

With its eyes open wide
Ultra death approaches

On your knees, you are crying!
On the floor, now you are dying!
Swallowing the pain inside, asking for the reaper himself.

If you want to see dead people
This GHOST will bring you face to face with the light
Then cross you over once you're in absolute fright
So you better reconsider your desire to see the spirit world, 
you could become part of it.
                   !!!                             .
Do you hear that low bubbling noise rising up from within?
Wait, wait that is he or she…. *The dead*
No...You are still gurgling of your stomach, is it?
This It is not hunger, it is not indigestion, it is Mount KILLomen about to blow
A Ghost effect leaving your soul blown-up in pieces minutes after the glow

A 'Ghost so potent enough it will wipe you off the face of the earth
Like a trace, every fragment of this Ghost is a killer 
If you kindle it you might not live to tell
You should exercise it with extreme caution
When ‘The Ghost’ is around
There is no going back, once you seen it
You’ll never find a way too fight off this evil intrusion!!

After you have lived, the ghost will haunt you long after your soul is dead and gone
First, the sensation that your buried alive, 
then the frightening phenomena of feeling like the ghoul is trapped within, clawing its way out. 
You will enjoy your evening with the undead until they come to claim what is left
Living out loud your tortured soul

Soon you will find out you have inherited; SATAN'S BLOOD
This Ghost has a forked tongue
Misery, made everyone think that he was just another ghost
Until you see, ‘The Ghost’ and what he or she has done?  
You will experience how it makes your blood boil like a thousand fiery lashes from Satan's whip, you might be able to escape his snare, hell if you can escape his stare.

Then you will wish for a Laxative.
To flush the insanity that haunts you through the years.
The End…………