Written by: Ieshaw Wright

Encouragement, to stand strong; 
against the discouragement, of 
doing wrong.
Trying to change, before its too late; 
deranged, cause I'm staring in the 
eyes of my fate.
I thought, I finally had it; I fought, 
maybe its more than just a habit.
Could it be me, that's so screwed 
up; not worried bout the enemy, 
but by the Lord don't want to get 
chewed up.
Once again, it's time to make a 
crucial decision; D.T.R. with a close 
friend, refusal to lead to removal of 
this brutal incision.
Complications, left and right; 
frustrations, day and night.
My heart screaming your name, 
what if utters my brain; I'm older 
now this love thing isn't a game, yet 
situations repeating itself like stops 
on a train. 
Confusion, created by self; illusion, 
bad for my heart or my health?
State of mind, half past crazy; point 
in time, all or nothing can't be 
My mouth saying no, but actions not 
matching; i say whatever you want 
goes, however you throwing balls 
but I'm not catching.
You say its up to me, regardless 
you'll be my friend; but truthfully, if 
I can't be with you I can't see u 
(Note: DTR= Determine The