The Great Wheel

Written by: Chula Fleming

I'm hot. I'm cold; afraid, now bold.
I'm good.  I'm bad; silly, now sad.
I'm wrong. I'm right, filled with clarity; 
Now, no clue or true insight.

How do I shake and awaken?
Break the great seal of the wheel?
Will I ever know calmness,
Peaceful joy, and be still?

The great Law of Polarity rules my life;
Keeps me entangled in Karma, unaware of my plight.
In moments of quietness the Truth seeks me out;
Whispers the answers that banish all doubts.

There is an awareness higher than this
Where I am One with my Source;
Drifting in moments of stillness;
Confident, resting in peaceful bliss.

Captain of my soul, the truth is mine to weld.
I am anchored in ancient knowledge, 
Breathing deeply in life giving Prana,
Finally free from the oppressive wheel.

I control the frequency, the ebb and the flow
By focused thought and clarity, directing the show.
Creation is my destiny and joy its end,
No longer strapped to the unyielding spokes within.

It is only what we look for that we really see
And we can only truly see it if we believe.
Opposites appear, retreat and fade.
They are not even real; just a harmless charade.

But the truth stands fast. There's nothing to fear; it's merely Contrast.
Only consciousness remains and eternal Love that lasts.
It's the highest emotion.  It's at the top of the list.
It has no opposite, no Karma; only peace and bliss.