The Lord Is Beautiful Indeed

Written by: Jim Pemberton

The Lord is most beautiful!  Yes indeed!
He has helped and supplied my every need!

The Lord is gracious and most kind!
He’s been there for me every time!

The Lord is faithful!  And it’s evident!
His coming is so very imminent!

The Lord is majestic!  And clothed with splendor!
I long to be with him!  Today and forever!!!

The Lord has made a promise so very clear!
Wherever I go…  He is always near!

The Lord Jesus wants to be your lord today!
He’s waiting for you!   Just a whisper away!

This same Jesus, can turn your life around!
He’ll plant your life on solid ground!

Won’t you take the time and give him a call?
He’s love and grace will make it worth it all!

By Jim Pemberton