Only You

Written by: Caleb Schmitt

Only You
 Ego beyond the roof of the tallest building
 Prouder than any man on this earth 
Stronger at heart than any who stand in my way
 More stubborn than any unmovable force.

 Terrific at saying the right things at right times...
 But something about you throws me off my game
 Seeing that smile freezes time around me
 Seeing those eyes shrinks me to pebbles on the floor,
 Hearing your voice sends chills down my spine
 I've never found someone like you in all my days,
 Maybe you're the one that will change my ways
 It's been too long and I can't believe my luck
 but what is known is only you can do this to me
 Only you have this impact on me but I'm glad it's
 Only you