A Technicolor Christmas Tree

Written by: Jack Ellison

Long ago and way up north Further than you can ever believe Joey, a jaunty little fellow appeared Folks wondered what was up his sleeve Joey was unusual to say the least Had lotsa neat things on his mind No building forts or throwing snowballs Was a kid of a different kind Went straight to visit Santa one day Brought him happy holiday joy When Joey showed him his unique treasure Santa hugged this unusual little boy For what little Joey brought with him Made Santa's heart dance with glee The magnificent sight in front of Santa Was a Technicolor Christmas Tree They placed it in the centre of town Folks sang and all joined hands As they danced around this colourful tree Bells rang out all o'er the land There's a moral to this charming tale Don't brush these wee kiddies aside They're our future come hell or high water So treat these young people with pride © Jack Ellison 2012
A wee bit early...