hurricane halloween

Written by: andrew delapruch

sucks to be a kid 
on a hurricane halloween,
where putting on the
costume to trick or treat
really doesn’t make much
sense, because along with the
whole getup,
you got to fit your little self into
some waders or rain boots at the
least &
slosh through the shit
with an angry parent or
some kind of psychotic chaperone
who’s obviously got a deathwish 
of sorts---
with the flood waters rushing 
round &
the makeup running down your
scary claw gloves tearing at your
hands &
your little plastic pumpkin 
filling up with water,
destroying what little candy you
somehow mustered anyway---
besides, what suffering adult
in such a calamity,
wants to shell out some candy
(whatever they’ve got sitting around
that’s dry)
to some kid whose parents have
the gull to come & get something
from you in the middle of
a goddamn