My Story

Written by: Carl Fraser

I watched you enter into this world,
It pleased me beyond compare;
I watched as you crawled and learned to walk
and guided your steps as you would dare.

I watched you make friends with those you met,
your heart so innocent and pure;
I watched you through your sickness,
and it was by my will you were cured.

I watched you grow into a man,
sometimes you seemed so far away;
I watched you return from distant lands,
oh how I treasured that very day.

I watched as you lost everything,
all that you held so dear;
I watched as you thought all hope was lost,
and helped you through those years.

I watched as you cried alone at night,
in fact I cradled every tear;
I watched as you wondered where I was,
and that's when I was most near.

I watched as you gave your life back to me,
as you realized you did all you could do;
I watched you pray on bended knee,
and understand my purpose for you.

I'll watch you as you leave this world,
then I'll take you by the hand;
I'll watch over your eternal peace and happiness,
as you enter my promised land.