Happy Birthday To My Special Friend

Written by: Deeana Valencia

To my special friend
on his very special day
all these things I wish say,
not only today but everyday.
I wish for you a happy and glorious birthday!

The love you bring to those around you has made a difference
You bring joy to others with your mere presence.

Be proud of who you are and what you have done.
Look through the past,
and see how you have grown.
You are one like no other
a caring friend and a loving father.

You are a shining star on the darkest night, 
Your presence leaves the blind with sight.
Your confidence gives the weak, the eagerness to fight.

You are my special friend always and forever,
no matter the distance, or even the change of weather,
though seasons may pass,
our friendship was made to last.

Hear the words I say to you
and know that they are true.
Another year God has granted
another year to start anew.
Happy birthday to my special friend,
Happy birthday to you!