its raining tonight

Written by: sabit sourav

Come hold my hand, 
Its raining outside, we should wet our pride 
Come hold these hands, 
I might ask you something regarding love 
Come take these fingers, 
Its raining outside, this is the most romantic moment of our life 
Did you ever picture? I would request . . . . . . . 
Some fact proposing love in this tiring night 
Just put behind what’ll happen tomorrow 
Lets get dampen in this lovely rainy night 
I am not asking you to come outside with you 
I am hauling you with my muscular hands on the rain outside 
Though I knew you wouldn’t deny, but didn’t make blissful? 
I am your weakness, touching your tempting body 
Like this rain tonight 
Dance with me but there is no music 
However the rain is singing to make a amorous night 
Hey! Did you see its raining tonight