Puzzle Me Not

Written by: Joyce Johnson

When I awake to winter skies of gray
And poetry that would defy my mind,
I'm not tempted its phrases to display
In hope some gem of wisdom I might find
For such a task I'm truly disinclined.

Nor do I bother with  careless poet
Who has not pride to edit chosen word.
Neither he nor spell check seems to know it,
Same sound, another spelling is preferred.
The one he's used is just a bit absurd.

To be sure there are poets in our band,
Who turn a phrase in a peculiar way,
Well worth the time it takes to understand,
So richly clever they deserve a stay.
You'll find them in our pages here today.

I love poems with soft and easy flow,
Not writings that assault my intellect.
Spot of wisdom or bit of "in the know"
And a new metaphor just for effect,
Is enough for most readers, I suspect.