Another Crossroads

Written by: Joe Flach

Standing at another crossroads
On this journey we call life
Choices that could lead to happiness
Choices that could lead to strife

Thinking about my options
And which way that I might go
North or south or east or west
To a destination I don’t know

One path might be good for me
But not so much for ones I love
One path might lead to pleasures
Forbidden from up above

One path might lead to riches
One path might leave me broke
I seriously consider who might get hurt
These choices are not a joke

But I don’t want to take too long
Contemplating which path that I might take
Because I’ve found that just standing still
Is, by far, the bigger mistake

By Joe Flach; written and posted on 10/30/12 for the "Standing at a Crossroads" contest.