Hurricane Sandy PLANNED

Written by: Carma Reed

Goring down, shredding tears, I pule to,
give my prayer, to all family's and
friends, missing or gone, across this
blanket world, as her gusty winds flare, 
and ragging rapids spill, these islands in 
darkness, I will not lye here, 
silenced, for she was,
"PLANNED" drapping curtains,
where our moon mysteriously a 
lined itself, mutationally, reins, and 
deploys,explosions of fear, I say, 
don't give in, break her free, don't 
be, A coward less coward, to their deceit, 
and lies, these politicians, we call 
democrats n' republicans, don't 
really,give A RATS ASS, as long 
as,they get voted, I ask stand for 
what's right to your heart, therefore 
she can not win this glory, and ask 
your government why???? Priceless 
lives pay, in A test on the country 
so that they may have control.... 
That's the question.... But I will not 
bow, I give my hand to the 
innocence, of THE PEOPLE....... 
To shelter them with love and blessings, that I 
Rein.....For I shall ride A pon my black knight.....
As We defeat it, like a skyscraper...