Haunted Road

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Haunted Road There’s a road that no one ever dares to drive alone Especially when it becomes 3:00 am in the morning A long time ago a young boy was kidnapped out of his home There was no note, prank calls; no warning The parents and the police searched endlessly on their own But after years of searching nothing led them to any clues Until one day, a couple found something lying next to the road It was discovered to be the little boy’s bones all cut up in two They never found the killer but some say he’s dead They see his spirit on the road burying his victim beside the road When you look at him through your headlights his eyes hold an evil dread Then suddenly if you’re there at 3:00 am your car stalls mysteriously all on its own People don’t go down there by themselves anymore They try to take the nearest detour But some people get enticed with folklore Driving their cars slowly waiting for him to peep in the shadows one more To this day the neighbors who live next to the road will hear- Him roaming about the area reliving his endless path Some say they see him by there windows giving them an evil stare Some say this is just all made up what do you think about that? Happy Halloween