Vaulting Vic

Written by: Susan Burd

Pole vaulting Vic was really good
At winning every meet.
He had enormous quadriceps
And two fast, mighty feet.

His challengers worked extra hard
And tried most every trick,
But all their efforts were no match
For his quick vaulting stick.

‘Cause each time he leapt in a game,
He raised the vaulting bar.
And no opponent surpassed him-
Vic was a vaulting star.

They put his name on flying flags
And printed T-shirts, too.
Most every kid wanted a pair
Of his fantastic shoes.

The star appeared on mass TV
And floated in parades.
His head filled with celebrity;
Slick Vic had made the grades!

Yet on the day of the World Meet
It seemed they all were tricked-
How high would Vic the Vaulter fly?
Not one man could predict.

The audience was jittery.
Fans came from near and far
And focused their binoculars
On the fast rising star.

The crowd gave him a final cheer
Then watched with gazing eyes
As Vic sprang into quick action
And headed for the skies.

He raised his pole and took straight aim,
Then sprinting with no fear,
Vic catapulted straight into
The clear blue atmosphere.

His vault was best, but it was bad-
He won’t be back by noon,
NASA reports that Vaulting Vic’s
Still orbiting the moon!

By Susan Burd © 2012